Technical & Policies

The Board of Trustees takes overall responsibility for the work of the Foundation, meeting quarterly to set future strategic development and ensure compliance in all our operations. There are five sub-committees that meet quarterly to drill down into the detail of certain subject areas to ensure the Board is fully informed of its responsibilities and to oversee the smooth running of the charity.

The composition of the Board, with sub-committee structure is shown below. The Board members each have their own areas of expertise and network of contacts across the Tees Valley.

This overall balance of skills and experience needs to be considered as Board members change over time.

The sub-committee structure efficiently utilises the specific knowledge of the Board for key functions, however there is a belief that the combined expertise of the Board members brings additional benefits with each Board member assigned a development responsibility, either externally-focused (donor or partner engagement) or internally-focused (organisational development).

Organisational Structure

Organisational structure