At the heart of local giving - making community the cause

Tees Valley Community Foundation provides the link between those who want to give back or establish a legacy, with those who are passionate about making a difference to the community. 

By providing this specialised service, we enable people to feel confident and assured in their giving, whilst ethically supporting genuine transformation in the lives of local people, now and for years to come. 

It’s an important role that we deliver with responsibility and integrity, and it’s why we’re recognised as the go-to choice for giving in the Tees Valley. 

About Us

29 Years

£33 Million

500,000 People

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Sometimes it’s better to ask, what do you want your money to do? What would you like the impact to be?

Whether you’re making a donation from your own money, managing a legacy from the loss of a loved, one have or any other circumstance that brings you here, we’re experienced in helping our donors make decisions that can sometimes be sensitive, complex, legally intricate and overwhelming  

We navigate the process so both the intention and impact hit the right spot. 

Is your donation for now, forever or both? 

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Make It Count & Keep It Safe

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We’ve been managing and distributing the kindness and generosity of local people and businesses since 1988.  We’re a small team with huge experience, offering reassuring, expert guidance to both our donors and the community causes we help. 

Check out the timeline below to follow our journey.

Who's Involved

Check out the stories behind some of the people and businesses who help us make it all happen.

29 Years

£33 Million

500,000 People